August 2014

Engine No. 2, Black and White, New Portland, Maine

Engine #2, Black and White, New Portland, Maine

As a full color, high-dynamic-range photo, this image was our Image-of-the-Month in July 2011.  Lately, I have been converting some of my favorite photos into black & white files, so that I can print them on high quality fine art paper.  I was particularly pleased with the depth and the wide range of gray tones possible with Engine #2.  The patina of it’s aging surface, with chrome highlights still intact and the rich blacks of the missing windows all contribute to making this image an arresting one for me.

Hasselblad H3D-39 w/HC 50 – 110 mm zoom lens at focal length 85mm, ISO 50, f16 at 1/20 to 1/4 second, UV filter