Artist Biography and Statement

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John Orcutt is a fine art nature photographer and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Following a distinguished career as an architect, he has pursued his interest in creating an awareness of the necessity for active preservation of fragile places. Through his photographic images, he expresses the inherent beauty of areas endangered by easy public access and frequent visitation. Orcutt aspires to foster in our collective consciousness the need to tread softly on our natural heritage. His work is a call for us all to participate in the act of preservation.

Orcutt’s work has been exhibited widely and is in many public and private collections. He lives with his wife and long time collaborator, Cynthia, a landscape architect, in Kingfield, Maine. Together they keep the Schoolhouse Gallery which features their nature photography as well as other local fine art.  Orcutt is a member of the Board of Directors of two Maine non-profit organizations, the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Foundation and the Western Mountains Foundation.


As we continue to preserve and protect natural public lands, they become increasingly accessible to our growing population. While we encourage and support active participation in the enjoyment of our protected environment, we do so with the expectation that those who visit these areas will come with an understanding of the heightened need to accept a role in the stewardship of these places. By striving to create striking photographs of the places I visit, and by sharing those images with others, I hope to assist in bringing knowledge and understanding of the beautiful, fragile and transitory nature we all must join together to preserve.

Exhibits and Awards

Permanent Exhibition: 2010- present Schoolhouse Gallery, Kingfield, ME
Permanent Exhibition:  2007 Café Azure, Freeport, ME
Exhibitor: 2004 D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival, Brooklyn, NY
Exhibitor: 2005 Café Azure, Freeport, ME
Exhibitor: 2005 Bowdoin College, Moulton Union, Brunswick, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2006 GroSmart Maine, Yarmouth, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2007 Bowdoin College, Moulton Union, Brunswick, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2008 Drummond Woodsum & MacMahon, Portland, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2010 Maine Huts & Trails (ongoing exhibit)
Exhibitor: 2010 t0 present, Joyce Tenneson’s View Project, Traveling Exhibit (group show)
Exhibitor: 2011 Carrabassett Valley Library, Carrabassett Valley, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2011 New Portland Public Library, New Portland, ME (solo show)
Exhibitor: 2011 Chocolate Church, Bath, ME (group show)
Exhibitor: 2012 Maine State House, Augusta, ME (exhibitor with Hugh Verrier)


2003 World in Focus, selected for projection exhibit, Seattle, WA
2009 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) competition, People Choice Award


2006 Nature Photographer, Article, Photographing Fungi
2008 Landscape Architecture, Article, Bug Light Park; So. Portland, ME
2011 Territory Ahead, November catalogue cover
2012 Backpacker Magazine, November
2012 Maine Magazine Contributor, December
2014 Men’s Journal, Online Travel Section

Stock Agency Representative

Aurora Photos, Portland, ME


Dartmouth College AB 1959
University of Colorado Bach. Architecture 1967

 web JO at Stratton Brook Hut DSC_0097